Our Capabilities

Engineering of Nanoscale Battery Materials

Bodi Energy has developed the capabilities to engineer battery materials at the nanoscale and greatly improve functional properties such as conductivity so non-flammable solid materials can deliver a faster rate of charge and discharge than flammable liquid electrolytes.

Advanced Nanofiber Electrospinning

Conventional nanofiber electrospinning processes are limited to the manufacturing of polymeric materials with limited structural and functional properties. Additionally, commercial electrospinning systems have issues with controlling pore size and uniformity of fibers, and production line speeds are typically too slow to enable compelling unit economics for many large volume applications.

Bodi’s proprietary electrospinning technology is capable of fabricating ceramic, polymeric, metallic and hybrid nanofibers and at very fast line speeds or flow rates. Our capabilities to precisely tune the properties of our fibers through controlled deposition and dispersion of micron and nanoscale raw materials, enables incredible morphological diversity and the ability to solve many technical challenges for our customers.

Bodi Nanofiber

Nano Fiber at 4.78μm

Electrospraying of Nanoscale Coatings

Bodi’s electrospraying process also utilizes electric fields and tunable airflow to control the deposition and dispersion of graphene and nanoparticles into highly uniform coatings on a range of substrates, such as metals, polymers and glass.

Our E-Spray is a roll-to-roll system with line speeds greater than 30,000 times faster than conventional techniques to produce nanomaterials, such as chemical vapor deposition. This process technology is fundamental to building and fabricating stackable, multi-component material assemblies.

As battery manufacturing moves to direct deposition of battery materials, Bodi’s E-Spray will be enabling technology for the assembly of solid-state battery systems and foldable form factors.

Bodi Nanoscale Coating

SEM Coating at 26.3μm

Scalable Manufacturing

Bodi’s proprietary electrodepositon technologies have been designed into highly scalable manufacturing systems.

We have spent almost a decade optimizing our spray and spin nozzles to improve the precision of our nanomaterials fabrication and reduce quality control issues, such as thickness variability, cracks and pinholes. There has been a lot of development interest in nanoscale battery materials, but successfully scaling manufacturing has plagued many of these efforts.

Bodi has piloted its nozzle-based electrodeposition processes to demonstrate scalability, line speed and favorable unit economics.